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We offer assistance around-the-clock from our certified Costa Mesa water damage restoration professionals. We can handle any water damage or flooding restoration task, no matter how big or small. We have a 5-star rating and are accessible 24X7. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we provide a free inspection as per the requirement. Book an appointment!

Things to Follow During a water damage outbreak

If a main pipe burst or there is water damage during a flood, water damage may occur. But at times, minimal water damage if overlooked might damage the floors and walls. So, it is important to keep a tab on your walls and floors for any kind of stains.

Steps to follow when there is water damage

  • Closing the water inlet valve- If flooding originates owing to a burst pipe, closing the valve would cut the source. This minimizes further damage.
  • Shutting the electrical breaker- Shut off the electrical connection from getting electrocuted before unplugging the electrical devices.
  • Knock your insurance provider- You need to report to your insurance company if there is any loss or water damage.

Depending upon the requirement, Total Restoration of Costa Mesa provides you with seamless water damage cleanup, mitigation, and restoration service within your means.

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Category #1- Water damage includes uncontaminated water which does not lead to serious health risks. This includes clean water damage from leaking sinks, broken water taps, and small volumes of precipitation. Therefore, compared to other repairs, category 1 repairs need less time and resources. However, if unattended to, this kind of damage can become a category 2 issue in less than a day.

Category #2- This part involves gray water with certain small contamination. They may be the result of broken water supply or sewer pipes, leaking roofs, dishwater discharge, and other issues. This harm may develop into a category 3 issue after 48 hours.

Category #3- This is a dangerous water damage form. Black water leads to significant health hazards. Do not go for cleaning this on your own. Rely on us to find matchless assistance.

Fixing Water damage is Easier Now

Facing water damage? A prompt response is crucial since rapid care significantly minimizes cost and possible damages. To protect your possessions and reduce structural damage to your property, we follow water remediation methods and modern water remediation tools.

You can trust that because of the meticulous attention to detail displayed by our staff. We try to fix the areas that are affected by moisture that lay hidden deep within your walls, floors, and other difficult-to-reach regions. Get back to us for the perfect assistance! Rely on Total Restoration of Costa Mesa to put an end to your problems. We respect our customers. Our team delivers superior quality customer service to meet your requirements. Depending upon the severity of your concerns, we are ready to handle your water extraction and restoration. Call us for the fastest response.

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